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Skyboxes have become the highlight of corporate entertainment for most golf and sporting events. SPORTS AMERICA is an industry leader in providing these facilities which can be built to any configuration and on any terrain.

The Double Deck skybox offers the client the unique opportunity of either tiered seating or a combination of tiered and flat decks.

Double Deck & Air Conditioned.jpg
Double Deck & Air Conditioned
Double Deck.jpg
Double Deck
Rear Access.jpg
Rear Access
Double Deck 2.jpg
Double Deck 2
Glass Windows.jpg
Glass Windows
Skybox Table Seating.jpg
Skybox Table Seating
Double Deck 3.jpg
Double Deck 3
Patio Seating 2.jpg
Patio Seating 2
Double Deck Hospitality.jpg
Double Deck Hospitality
Patio Seating.jpg
Patio Seating